Warning: These playpens may be dangerous to babies

Gov't issues warning not to buy certain playpens and mattresses found not to meet safety standards.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Baby in crib (illustrative)
Baby in crib (illustrative)

Director of the Standards Institution of Israel (SII) in the Ministry of Industry and Trade Yakov Vechtel warned the Israeli public of baby products which may present a danger to babies, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

Among the products are a plastic playpen, a wooden playpen, and a playpen mattress. The products are manufactured by the "Super Baby" and "Baby Kol" companies.

In an Industry Ministry inspection, Vechtel found that the products do not meet SII safety standards. Babies necks, heads, and limbs may become trapped in the playpens, which also have sharp edges and may pinch limbs when they are folded or unfolded. These safety issues were caused by structural defects.

The products may still be sold at various businesses. Vechtel is working to exercise his authority against the products' manufacturers and distributors, as provided for by law.

Vechtel noted that those who manufacture products required to meet SII standards but whose products do not meet the required standards are liable to face administrative and criminal sanctions.