'I'll throw a chair at you, you Arab'

Four Beitar Illit residents attack doctor at health clinic who refused them medical treatment because they were not members of health fund.

Mordechai Sones ,

Betar Illit
Betar Illit
Gershon Elinson Flash 90

The Jerusalem District Attorney's Office filed an indictment against four Beitar Illit residents, two aged 18, one aged 65 and another aged 22 for serious injury in aggravated and threatening circumstances.

According to the indictment, following an injury suffered by the 22-year-old on Saturday a week-and-a-half ago, the defendants went to a Meuhedet Health Fund clinic in Beitar Ilit. The clinic was operating on emergency Sabbath duty for the benefit of the health fund's patients only,

The young man and his 65 year-old father went in to the doctor's office, but when it became clear that the injured man was not insured by Meuhedet, the doctor explained that he could only dress the man's hand and advised him to go to the Terem emergency clinic for a thorough examination.

When the young man realized that he would not be receive comprehensive care, he began shouting and cursing the doctor. At one point, due to the son's shouts and curses, the doctor began filming the defendant using his cell phone.

The defendant pushed doctor's phone down hard with his hand, and then two defendants began cursing the doctor. One of them told the doctor: "You ... Arab son-of-a ... I will throw a ... chair at you, you ... of a ... ..."

After this, the 18-year old son struck the doctor's mobile phone. Frightened, the doctor stepped back with his back to the bathroom door as the defendants approached him. At this stage, the defendants began to beat and push him with their bodies and threw a chair at him.

The doctor managed to enter the adjacent nurse's room and lock the door. All the while, the accused continued cursing him through the closed door, throwing chairs at it, kicking it and knocking on it, and threatening the doctor with bodily injury. Later, the 18-year-old son went to the clinic's kitchenette, took a kitchen knife, walked toward a male nurse and threatened him.

As a result of the attack, the doctor's hand was broken and he suffered other lacerations.

The State Prosecutor's Office seeks to extend the accused's remand until the end of the legal proceedings against them, or alternatively to set restrictive conditions that will minimize the danger they pose to the public.