Number of female pilots not soaring, despite recruitment efforts

Despite IDF attempts to attract women to prestigious flight course, number of female pilots remains low. One woman to finish latest course.

Tal Polon ,

Air force cadets get their wings
Air force cadets get their wings
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Despite the fact that the IDF’s prestigious pilot’s training course has been open to women for 22 years, the amount of women finishing the course has not increased significantly.

According to Yediot Aharonot reporter Yossi Yehoshua, only one female pilot will be finishing the biannual course this week.

According to the report, only two women finished the previous course. Similarly, since December 2012, just five women have successfully completed the program, which generally sees dozens of recruits graduate during each cycle.

Since a 1995 Supreme Court ruling that opened the pilot’s course to women, only 49 women have completed the course, despite IDF efforts encouraging women to enroll.

The report cited Air Force officials who assessed that the reason for the low number of women completing the course was due to the greater attraction that alternative military service options open to women. The officials also cited the fact that women are allowed to drop out of the course even after being accepted, while men must continue the course after acceptance.