Arab MKs join protest against 'snake Trump'

Arab MKs join dozens of protesters outside US embassy in Tel Aviv, blasting US president for recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

Gary Willig ,


Dozens of Arabs, including Arab MKs, held a protest outside the US embassy in Tel Aviv Tuesday night.

Joint Arab List MKs Ahmad Tibi, Yousef Jabarin, Taleb Abu Arar and Abd al-Hakim Hajj Yahya joined the protest, which was organized by the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee against US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to relocate the US embassy from its current location in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The protesters waved Palestinian Authority flags and carried anti-Trump signs. One large sign depicted Trump's head as the head of a long snake. The words “The United States is the snake itself” were written on the sign in English.

Other signs referred to Jerusalem as the "capital of Palestine."

Joint Arab List Knesset faction leader MK Ayman Odeh had previously called Trump a "pyromaniac" who could "ignite the whole region in his madness."