Hundreds of thousands expected at Rabbi Shteinman's funeral

Funeral procession to depart at 12 pm from the rabbi's home in Bnei Brak.

Michal Levy ,

Rabbi Shteinman
Rabbi Shteinman
Yaakov Cohen/Flash 90

Hundreds of thousands of Jews are expected to attend the funeral of Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman, one of the foremost decisors of Jewish law in the Lithuanian haredi community, who passed away this morning.

The funeral procession will leave Rabbi Shteinman's home on 5 Chazon Ish Street in Bnei Brak on its way to the Ponevezh cemetery, where he will be buried next to his wife.

Rabbi Shteinman requested in his will that the funeral procession end within six hours of his death.

Many Haredi educational institutions from all over the country, from the Lithuanian and Hasidic communities, canceled the school day and instructed their students to attend the funeral.

Israel Police is preparing to secure the funeral. Police announced that starting at 10 am, the entry of vehicles in both directions leading to Bnei Brak from the following roads will be regulated and limited: Route 4 from the Ra'anana Junction to Mishmar Hashiva; Route 1 from the Ben Shemen Interchange towards Kibbutz Galuyot; Route 5 from the Kesem interchange towards Morasha Junction; Route 20 from the Glilot interchange towards Dov Hoz interchange; the entirety of Route 471 in both directions.

It was also clarified that private vehicles would not be allowed to arrive at the funeral. "The public is asked to make use of public transportation," police said.