IDF to terrorists: Terror tunnels are 'death traps'

Southern Command head warns Gaza terrorists after destroying tunnel: 'Any terrorist who goes into a tunnel descends into a death trap.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Maj-Gen Zamir
Maj-Gen Zamir
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The commander of the Southern Command, Maj.-Gen. Eyal Zamir, discussed the destruction of a Hamas terror tunnel leading from Gaza into Israel by the IDF Sunday.

"After our forces completed operations deep in the tunnel, we destroyed the tunnel and it is not a threat [any longer]," said the general. "The tunnel,which penetrated a range hundreds of meters from the border [into Israel] belongs to the Hamas terrorist organization."

He said that Hamas was systematically violating Israel's sovereignty, causing the situation in the region to deteriorate, and harming the residents of the Gaza Strip.

"I warned in the past and I again warn the enemy: anyone who descends and lives in the tunnel endangers himself. The terror tunnels are a death trap for you," Zamir said in a message to terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

He emphasized that "the discovery of the tunnel of terror is part of a continuous and advanced systematic effort exerted by the Southern Command, led by the Gaza Division, engineering and intelligence units, and combined with advanced and groundbreaking technology. We employ a wide range of capabilities and methods that are visible and secret above and below the ground to thwart the tunnel project of Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in Gaza .

"The Southern Command is prepared for every scenario. Every tunnel exposed will be destroyed. We will not hesitate to act to protect the residents of Israel and the Gaza perimeter," added Major General Zamir.