Report: Arab MK's home illegal

Joint List MK Juma Azbarga found to be living in illegally-built home - despite being offered plots of land nearby.

David Rosenberg ,

Home demolition (stock image)
Home demolition (stock image)
Kobi Gideon / FLASH90

An MK from the predominantly Arab Joint List party is expected to be evicted from his illegally-built home in southern Israel, as the state demolishes a number of unauthorized buildings in the Negev.

MK Juma Azbarga, a member of the Balad party, now a faction with the Joint List, replaced former Joint List MK Basel Ghattas earlier this year after Ghattas was accused of smuggling cellular phones to jailed Hamas terrorists.

A resident of the northern Negev town of Lakiya, north of Beer Sheva, Azbarga was offered a plot of land in Lakiya by the government, yet built his home elsewhere, settling on a plot outside of the town’s municipal boundaries.

The building received no authorization and is now slated for demolition, Yisrael Hayom reported on Friday.

The illegal home is reportedly located just several hundred yards from the plot allotted to the Azbarga family.

Law enforcement officials have been operating in the area in recent weeks to combat illegal construction and land theft in the Bedouin sector. Last week, building inspectors opened a case against the Azbarga home.

MK Azbarga disputes the building inspectors’ findings, claiming his house is “legitimate”.

“My house is legitimate, and it is built on my own private land.”