Israel's largest youth movement to gender segregate activities

Israel Scouts Federation announces they will separate boys and girls for nightime activities after sexual harassment complaints.

Tzvi Lev,


The Israel Scouts Federation, Israel's largest youth movement, announced that they will separate boys and girls for all after-dark activities.

Channel 10 reported on Thursday that the Israel Scouts Federation had faced numerous allegations of sexual harassment between campers over the past few months that were not handled properly. After investigating these claims management decided to segregate male and female participants for any activity occurring after nightfall.

The Israel Scouts Federation said that "The [youth] movement is working to prevent and treat sexual harassment. The decision of the movement to create separate sleeping areas on trips is consistent with the customary practices in the formal education system and has received support from many parents."

"At the same time, the movement will continue to act and allocate the necessary resources for the prevention and treatment of sexual harassment, in cooperation with leading organizations in the field, Knesset members, the Ministry of Education and other youth movements."

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