'We must change the attitude to Torah learning'

Echad l'Echad Chairman explains the importance of project aiming to foster a new generation of Torah leaders.

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Talmud Study (Archive)
Talmud Study (Archive)
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Arutz Sheva participated in an event marking Echad L'echad's annual "Chariday," and spoke with Rabbi Yitzchak Neria, head of the Torah B’Tzion Yeshiva and Chairman of the Echad l’Echad Foundation. The rabbi is the grandson of the revered Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neria, the anniversary of whose passing the event marks.

The rabbi described the event. “It’s a great fundraising event for the Echad l’Echad Foundation that we’ve been working on it for the past several months. We are trying to raise as much money as we can in order to support future religious Zionist leaders. We have a lot of leaders who can become Torah scholars and, with G-d’s help, to lead us where we have to go.”

The rabbi explained that “we have the best students, who could have gone wherever they wanted, but chose to dedicate their lives to Torah learning. We unfortunately lose the best of them when they leave the yeshivot and go to work out of lack of funds. Why does it have to be this way? We have respect for exceptional Torah learners, but we don’t think that we have to push it and support it. We must change the attitude.”

The rabbi described the uniqueness of the campaign. “Many people give money out of guilt. We are giving tzedaka strategically, to build our future, and it is not coming out of guilt, but out of understanding of our privilege and our obligation to support our future religious leaders and educators.”

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