Is a radical leftist group okaying IDF orders?

Founder of radical 'Taayush' group documented explaining how IDF indirectly passes him soldiers' orders to approve before they are issued.

Shimon Cohen,

IDF supervises olive harvest
IDF supervises olive harvest
Flash 90

The extreme left-wing organization Taayush has been cooperating with the IDF Legal Adviser of Judea and Samaria, according to the organization's founder, Dr. Amiel Vardi, who was documented on a hidden camera.

In the video, which was distributed by the '’Ad Kan’ organization, Dr. Vardi is seen speaking of the apparent cooperation between legal experts on behalf of his organization and the legal experts of the IDF Civil Administration.

According to Vardi, the Legal Adviser for Judea and Samaria is “a serious official,” as he put it, such that he sends Taayush instructions that he plans to publish among IDF soldiers prior to their publication, and Taayush legal experts review the guidelines, correct what they think needs correction, and return the amended version to the IDF for distribution.

Dr. Vardi described the route that the directives pass through, a route designed to blur the alleged coordination between the Legal Advisor in the Civil Administration and his organization. He says that the guidelines are received by him “indirectly,” through the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. He then examines the guidelines and finds points that he sees as problematic, that are subject to interpretation that do not conform to his views, after which he returns the instructions, which have not yet been put into force, with his suggestions.

Vardi can be seen on a hidden camera giving an example of such cooperation. He explains how the Judea and Samaria Legal Adviser passed him army regulations for conduct during the Arabs’ olive harvest period. He explained that, according to the wording of the order, it might have been possible to understand that the order only applied to the harvest period - and that it did not apply when harvest period was over. As such, following recommendations from Taayush, the wording of the order was changed, with words added emphasizing that the instructions apply all year.

“These things came from us, and new wording came out, and it was really serious work,” Vardi is seen saying.

The IDF spokesperson said in response: "There is no basis for the claim that IDF commanders or their legal advisers receive dictates from any organization. Every year, IDF commanders in Judea and Samaria prepare for the harvest season and instruct the forces how to behave over the period, in order to maintain security and public order.”

“As part of the preparations, all the relevant parties meet with representatives of the organizations representing the Palestinian harvesters in order to reduce the friction and prepare better for the upcoming harvest. We emphasize that the directives given are determined by the command echelons at their discretion and the situation on the ground. "

Taayush did not issue a response.


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