Elderly Jew attacked in sheltered housing

Alan Califano poses as visitor and enters Jewish sheltered housing facility in New York City to rob and attack Jews. Arrested by police.

Mordechai Sones ,


An 84-year-old Jew living in the New Jewish Home, Jewish sheltered housing in the Bronx, New York, was brutally attacked in his room at the housing. The suspect in the attack was arrested.

Alan Califano, 41, broke into the shelter and tried to rob an elderly man while throwing a fire extinguisher at him and shouting antisemitic epithets.

The suspect was arrested during his botched escape. The police launched a thorough investigation into how the attacker managed to enter the building without being challenged.

It is believed that he pretended to be an innocent guest, and the fact that he did not carry any suspicious weapon allowed him to enter and attack the elderly Jew.