Avraham Fried meets 13-year-old survivors of near lynch

13-year-olds attacked by Arabs during Shomron bar mitzvah trip meet Avraham Fried behind scenes of 19th of Kislev events at Binyanei Ha'uma.

Mordechai Sones ,

Fried meets with youth
Fried meets with youth
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Legendary hassidic singer Avraham Fried met with the 13-year-olds who were attacked by an Arab lynch mob this week. The boys, on a bar mitzvah trek, were held hostage at gunpoint in a cave by local Arabs who hurled rocks at them and stole their backpacks and mobile phones, until the traumatized youngsters were finally rescued by the IDF.

Fried was backstage preparing for the sold out gala Chabad 19th of Kislev events being held at Jerusalem's Binyanei Hauma when he met the group, chatting, singing and bantering with them, until he gave them the priestly blessing.