Owing Ben Dahan's intervention
Jewish town won't be disconnected from electricity supply

Civil Admin. pushes for removal of electric pole installed on private land. But Dep. Defense Minister pushes to find alternative solution.

Mordechai Sones ,

Home at Yishuv HaDa'at
Home at Yishuv HaDa'at
Mordechai Sones

A Civil Administration team arrived this morning (Wednesday) to remove a pole supporting electric lines located on private Palestinian land at the Yishuv HaDa'at Farm in the Shilo bloc in Samaria.

Sources in the Defense Ministry claimed that the pole is not essential for the supply of electricity to homes in the community.

When the Civil Administration team arrived at the area, the residents contacted the office of the Deputy Defense Minister, Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, informing him that the electric pole provided electricity to no less than 17 families' homes, and that its removal would leave dozens of residents without power ahead of winter.

Following the request to the Deputy Minister's office, Rabbi Ben Dahan issued a directive instructing them to immediately halt efforts to remove the electric pole.

It was also agreed with the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council that the Council would arrange electricity for all of Yishuv HaDa'at by means of electricity poles to be placed on state and not private land.