'A graceful and modest girl'

Funeral of Hodaya Asulin, who succumbed to her injuries six years after terror attack in Jerusalem.

Eliran Aharon ,

Funeral of Hodaya Asulin
Funeral of Hodaya Asulin
Eliran Aharon

The funeral of Hodaya Nechama Asulin, who was seriously injured in a terror attack in Jerusalem in 2011, took place on Wednesday afternoon in the community of Mevo Horon in Binyamin, in southwestern Samaria near Modi'in.

"Hodaya was a graceful and modest girl, who made her way home, and in a moment, family life was stopped," her aunt Rafi Asulin eulogized Hodaya.

"The family members took a courageous step after the hospitals did not see fit to continue treating her. They decided that Hodaya's place was at home, put her there beside her six brothers and set up a kind of small hospital. Her mother became a sort of hospital manager, and home life came to revolve around [taking care of Hodaya].”

At the beginning of the funeral, Hodaya's mother, Michal, said: "We received you as a gift twice, once 21 years ago and a second time six and a half years ago. An innocent and pure child, you were exceptionally sensitive, and you had a keen sense of what was happening with others. G-d chose you as an emissary to bear suffering for the people, G-d chose you to be a soldier for the people of Israel. Pray, Hodaya, for the people of Israel, pray for your family and your many friends. You have dedicated your soul to sanctify G-d’s name."

Her father, Eliyahu, said, "There were a lot of prayers, torah lessons, and mitzvot, a lot of youth became stronger thanks to Hodaya. Generation of the future, your prayers were not in vain.”

In 2011, a Muslim named Hussein Ali Hassan al-Qawasmi left a bomb at a bus stop near the Binyanei Hauma complex in Jerusalem. A tourist was killed and 68 civilians were injured, including Asulin, who was 14. The murderer was sentenced to life imprisonment and another 60 years in prison.

Since then, Asulin has been unconscious and treated under close supervision. In the past two weeks, her condition worsened, and in the morning she died at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.