Inside the most challenging course in the IDF

Arutz Sheva joins the IDF's Naval Captain's course to see what the future commanders of Israel's ships and submarines must go through.

Eliran Aharon ,

Naval training
Naval training
IDF spokesperson

The Naval Captain's Course trains the future commanders of missile boats, submarines and other Israeli naval vessels.

Young people who wish to join the prestigious course undergo intensive four days of preparation, during which they are tested both professionally and in command. At the end, the IDF determines whether they are suitable for challenging service and training.

The training of the captains is characterized by intensive physical activities that challenge the cadets and build their mental strength in order to cope with the extreme situations they will encounter in military service. Physical fitness is expressed, among other things, in the captain's test, in which the candidates run, crawl, climb a rope under a specified period of time.

Command in the heart of the sea demands interpersonal abilities alongside professional capabilities. The crew becomes a family at sea that functions under various extreme conditions in order to preserve the security of the State of Israel from the sea. In formulating, the participants are examined according to their abilities, and one of the main ones is the ability to work in the team.

An Arutz Sheva correspondent accompanied a group of candidates for the captain's coarse held at the naval base in the north. He found that those who serve successfully completed the training were able to sail in the missile boat, which provides them with a taste of the service they will experience after completing the course.

"We have the best fighters who know how to cope, people with a great head who undergo training and know how to deal with these scenarios," said Lt. Col. Eli Sokolitzky, commander of the naval academy.

Who is training to become a captain? "We get people who want to serve a significant service on the front line in the face of the many challenges of the State of Israel.'

What are they going to undergo during the training? The trainees will undergo many physical and mental tests, which examine their suitability for the course. As part of the training, they will undergo campaigns and will be tested in command missions in [the field on] rubber boats. "