Israeli police raise money for Arab family

Policemen at checkpoint see family without warm clothes, offer them food and drink and collect money to buy them warm shoes.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

The mother and her children
The mother and her children
Police spokesperson

An Arab resident of Judea and Samaria arrived with her children at the Qalandiya crossing to enter Jerusalem Wednesday.

The policemen at the crossing noticed that the family members were not wearing warm clothes and were wearing slippers and sandals. The police approached the mother and asked if she would like to sit, rest, and drink before continuing on her way.

The mother agreed, and policemen brought her and her children to their offices, where they were given food, drink and warm clothes.

One of the policemen saw the children wore shabby shoes. He collected a sum of money from his comrades and bought shoes for the children from one of the stands near the crossing.

The mother, who was moved by the police's act, told them in tears that her husband was hurting her and their children. "Thank you very much, I knew that here we would be helped and feel safe," she said.

Just before the children left, the police gave them sweets and drinks. The mother thanked the policemen and told them that this was one of the few moments in which she felt secure and saw a smile on her children's face.

The Border Police officers stationed at the Qalandiya crossing said that "in addition to our duty to maintain security and public order, we see a great duty to help even a small family that has identified its distress."