'Michal joined the struggle'

Michal Salomon's father, Dan Landa, explains background of Michal at her children's meeting today with senior US government officials.

Mordechai Sones ,

Salomon family with Jason Greenblatt in White House
Salomon family with Jason Greenblatt in White House
Twitter - Jason Greenblatt

Dani Lando, father of Michal Salomon who was saved from the massacre at Neve Tzuf last July, told Arutz Sheva about Michal's visit to the White House on Monday with her five children who were also rescued from the attack in which their father was murdered.

The family met during the visit with Jason Greenblatt - the Assistant to the President and Special Representative for International Negotiations and other senior officials in the administration and Congress.

"We were in a family visit that was supposed to keep Michal away from the subject," says Lando. However, he said, "Michal was asked to assist in the struggle to stop the salaries of the terrorists and she agreed, and so we packed the entire family and went with my nephew Zvi Lando to Washington.

"Michal was introduced to Congressmen and Senators, and she presented the request to stop the PA from paying special salaries to terrorists and received a very empathetic attitude," Landa notes.

Lando added that "She was told that the money donated by the United States would not be used for terror. Legislators with whom they met expressed willingness to make an effort to promote the legislative process called Taylor Force Act, which will stop ALL money going to the Palestinian Authority until they stop making payments to he terrorists".