10 hours of work per day? Actually about half

Report documenting work of Shira Raban, who sued Sarah Netanyahu, reveals average number of work hours she worked was 5.4 a day, not 10.

Gary Willig ,

Sara Netanyahu
Sara Netanyahu
Photo by Kobi Gideon/GPO

The lawsuit filed by Shira Raban against the Prime Minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, includes a touching description of the harsh working conditions in which Raban was employed.

In interviews, Raban described torturous days in which she worked 10 hours straight. However, this evening (Tuesday) Channel 2 News reported that Raban’s employment documents reveal that she worked an average of 5.4 hours a day.

Raban’s lawyers responded to the report by saying, "When you are abused, every minute seems like an eternity."

Meanwhile, attorneys Naomi Landau and Oren Gross, Shira Raban's attorneys, published a statement this evening that indicated that they had filed an amended lawsuit against Sara Netanyahu.

This morning, the Labor Court gave the attorneys 21 days to submit the amended lawsuit or the case would be thrown out.

Judge Eyal Avrahami ruled that the case could only proceed if “irrelevant” information and offensive terms such as the description of Netanyahu’s employees as “slaves” were removed.