Civil Administration fights ecological warfare

Civil Administration closes two pirate waste disposal sites in Nili, Naaleh, and Modi'in Illit areas.

Mordechai Sones,

Pirate waste dumping site
Pirate waste dumping site
Civil Administration

The inspection unit of the Civil Administration and security forces closed two pirate waste disposal sites in the Binyamin area Monday.

In the morning hours forces arrived at a waste disposal site in the village of Deir Qadis near the Jewish communities of Nili and Na'aleh, and later on to a site in the Arab village of Tzafa that pollutes the Modi'in Illit area.

During the operation, polluting waste fires were extinguished and the access roads to the sites were blocked. This facilitated enforcement actions to end the pirate site's operation.

Also on Monday afternoon, the Civil Administration identified a tractor working at an illegal dumping site in the Abu Dis neighborhood of Jerusalem. The tractor was seen during a routine patrol of the inspection unit, seized, and taken to the confiscation yard in Beit El.

These actions are part of a number of expeditionary operations carried out by the Civil Administration's supervision unit over the last week against illegal waste disposal sites.

On Sunday, the inspection unit carried out enforcement activities against a pirate waste site in the village of Jammallah in Area B, under PA control. In light of the environmental hazard the site is causing, the head of the Civil Administration pinpointed the site for enforcement despite its being located in Area B. As part of the operation a truck was found that was used to dump and burn waste.

The illegal site constitutes a serious environmental hazard to both populations in the region, mainly to the Israeli residents of Nili and Naaleh, and to the Arab villages Shukba and Shibtin.

"We will continue to enforce environmental protection with all the tools available to us," says Marco Ben Shabbat, director of the Civil Administration's supervision unit, "in order to preserve the health of all residents of Judea and Samaria."

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