Jerusalem Council member accuses Mayor of disinformation

Aryeh King calls Barkat's statements about destruction of illegal Arab homes 'political spin; He's gathering Likud Central Committee votes.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Aryeh King
Aryeh King

Jerusalem City Council member Aryeh King does not believe reports that the Jerusalem municipality will demolish buildings built illegally in the village of Aqab in the north of the city.

According to King, this represents misinformation from the office of Mayor Nir Barkat. "Anyone who enforces the law in Jerusalem gets my blessing, especially when it comes to the east of the city where the Arabs are doing whatever they wish and there's no law enforcement, but I tend to agree that this is political spin by Nir Barkat.

"Barkat's coalition is crumbling and the aura around him is fading away. It's no secret that Nir Barkat is not gaining momentum in his attempts to recruit supporters in the Likud, so he's trying to gather votes and support."

King recalls that in the past, Barkat promised to demolish illegal buildings built on municipal land in the King's Garden in the City of David. "There were 66 buildings there and today there are more than 80 buildings, so I suggest that everyone take things with a grain of salt. Barkat won't blow up any of the six structures in Kafr Aqab, but I hope to be proven wrong."

He strongly criticizes Barkat and hopes that next time the national-religious public will vote for a religious mayor. "Nir Barkat is unworthy of heading the city of Jerusalem; all his thoughts are focused on the Likud and his political standing in the Likud Central Committee."

"Barkat neglects Jerusalem, the city is filthy and divided, and today we saw the Hitorerut party leave the coalition, which is an important statement. The mayor decided to choose the haredi public over the Zionist and religious Zionist public ... a non-religious mayor is not worthy of leading the most religious city in the State of Israel and therefore next time the national religious public should vote only for someone who has a skullcap on his head."