Police officer arrested for robbery

Court extends arrest of Special Patrol Unit officer who used fake search warrant to rob Tel Aviv residents.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Israel Police spokesperson

The Tel Aviv Magistrates Court extended until Tuesday the arrest of an Israel Police Special Patrol Unit officer suspected of bribery and breach of trust.

The officer was arrested earlier this week on suspicion that he arrived at a Tel Aviv residence a month and a half ago, showed a fake search warrant, and stole dozens of thousands of shekels which were in the apartment at the time.

A representative from the department responsible for interrogating police officers said, "Several incidents raise a questions about whether the suspect robbed while using his power and position as a police officer to help him, even though he was not on duty as an officer."

The police officer's attorney said his client was "surprised at his arrest and denies all the charges."

"He is not connected to these incidents, and believes it is all a mistake," the lawyer said.