Watch: Bereaved brother and bereaved sister marry

Yafit Moshiashvili and Ariel Daniely, each of whom lost a sibling in a terror attack, marry this week.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

The wedding
The wedding
Meir Pavlovsky

Yafit Moshiashvili and Ariel Daniely, each of whom lost a sibling in a terror attack, married on Monday in a ceremony in Shoham with their families, hundreds of guests and other bereaved brothers and sisters. The two met four years ago during a trip organized by the OneFamily organization, an organization helping bereaved families, including sponsoring special activities for bereaved siblings. Since the trip, Moshiashvili and Daniely became prominent activists of the organization.

Ariel is the brother of Nir, who was called for reserve service in the Golani Brigade during operation Defensive Shield, and after several days of fighting was sent on furlough. On the way home from the army Nir was killed in a bus bombing near the Yagur junction in 2002, along with seven other passengers. Nir was 24 when he died and left behind his parents and three siblings. Yafit is the sister of Netanel, a paramedic from the Golani Brigade who was killed in 2012 near Kissufim.

This year, ahead of the yahrzeit, Yafit wrote on her Facebook page: "Everybody knows Nati the hero who died in the name of G-d. I wanted them to know the man behind the word hero. The chubby kid with black curls, the brother who always guarded me, even when it was annoying, the brother who always gave of himself, who loved loving and enjoying life… my brother, I miss your strong hug, your messages, I miss you, my best friend. Thank you for each ray of light you send me, for the gifts of happiness and love, thank you for being with me even when you're not.

"OneFamily" CEO Chantal Belzberg blesses the bride and groom: "In our work with the bereaved families we see pain, tears and hardship. But sometimes it is in the most difficult situations we see how people connect and succeed in starting together on a new path out of love, happiness and mutual assistance. Ariel and Yafit are charming people who met in tragic circumstances, fell in love and are now building s new family. We wish you and your families many happy years together."