US: Satmar neighborhood to become first all-haredi city

Community votes to become independent city, receive an additional 791 acres.

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Kiryas Yoel
Kiryas Yoel

Kiryas Yoel, currently part of the Monroe Township in Orange, New York, will become its own city and receive 791 acres (3,200 dunams) of land.

Over 10,000 Monroe Township residents voted on Tuesday whether or not to approve a split into two separate cities, Monroe and New Palm City. The results, published Wednesday morning, showed the majority of residents (80%) to be in favor of the split.

Kiryas Yoel was founded decades ago by Satmar hasidim living in Monroe. Recently, the hasidic movement's leadership requested the neighborhood split off from the rest of the city, to become its own community and in order to receive its own municipal benefits.

As a result of the split, all municipal services will be offered by Satmar hasidim, and additional land surrounding the neighborhood will be added to Kiryas Yoel's municipal land.

Kiryas Yoel itself will officially become New Palm City, or Palm Tree Town (Tamar Teitelbaum).