'Leftists are the first to silence anyone they don't like'

Right-wing activist blocked from Facebook after she wrote that she prefers biblical matriarch Rachel to Yitzhak Rabin.

Benny Toker ,

Ayelet Lash
Ayelet Lash
Public Relations

Ayelet Lash, a right-wing activist and Facebook personality, recently entered the Facebook page of MK Tamar Zandberg (Meretz) and responded to her post about the anniversary of Rabin's assassination.

"I wrote a response to a post by MK Tamar Zandberg about Rabin's assassination. I wrote that instead of teaching about his ‘glorious heritage,’ I would rather teach my children about our matriarch Rachel and her heritage. It is possible not to connect with my opinion, perhaps it is, but it is [nevertheless] a completely legitimate opinion. On the Left, they did not like my reaction, to say the least, and the masses reacted with curses, scorn, wishes of death, and so on."

But in addition to the attacks, Lash told Arutz Sheva that leftist activists complained to Facebook and so that she would be blocked from the social network.

"We are already used to the violent aggression and the shallow and intolerant discourse in the leftist camp, but they did not stop there. Indeed, Facebook informed me that my account had been blocked for thirty days."

"The Left, which [adopts the banners of] pluralism, inclusion, freedom of expression, liberalism and acceptance of the other, is the first to silence anyone who does not find favor with it. The Left, which likes to constantly complain about ‘incitement,’ doesn’t spare curses, debased language, and negative wishes for anyone who doesn’t think like it. The Left, which respects and ‘includes’ the Arab enemy and its culture, despises and fears Jewish identity and tradition.

“But it will not help them. We will no longer be silent.”