They died of cancer and left many orphans behind

44-year-old father of 10 and 34-year-old mother of 8 die of cancer a few hours apart in central Israeli hospital.

Michal Levi ,


Rabbi Natan Neta Adler, 44, died of cancer on Monday morning in Tel Hashomer Hospital.

Two months ago, doctors discovered a malignant tumor in his body and he was hospitalized at Tel Hashomer. Early on Monday morning, his medical situation worsened and the doctors began fighting for his life, efforts which were, unfortunately, unsuccessful.

Adler was well-known for his involvement in outreach organizations. He left behind 10 children.

A few hours before Adler's death, Devora Ben-David, 34, of Beitar Illit, died of the cancer which had been diagnosed a few years prior to her death.

Early on Monday morning, her medical condition worsened and she died with her family surrounding her.

Ben-David taught in a local haredi preschool. Acquaintances say she was loved for her good heart and the rich education with which she provided the preschool children. She left behind 8 children, the eldest 13 and the youngest two and a half.