Deputy FM to visit prestigious US universities

Deputy Foreign Minister Hotovely leaves on US campus tour to support pro-Israel activists and fight anti-Israeli propaganda and lies.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Tzipi Hotovely
Tzipi Hotovely
Yoni Kempinski

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) is leaving for a US campus tour.

This will be the first time a senior Israeli politician visits prestigious US university campuses for the purpose of fighting anti-Israel propaganda and the spreading of lies about the State of Israel.

Speaking on the eve of her departure, Hotovely said, "I'm going out to talk to the younger generation in the US who grew up hearing lies about Israel. It is important for me to share with them the challenges that radical Islam poses to all democratic countries and to tell them the success story of the State of Israel, which thrives in the face of all challenges."

"Israel will not apologize for building [in its own country] after the 3,000 years that have passed since the Jewish people began their history in Judea and Samaria," Hotovely said. "I come with a strong message that peace has not yet been achieved because of incitement and a generation of young Palestinians who were not educated to hope for it."

In preparation for the trip, the Foreign Ministry launched a pilot project at the request of Deputy Foreign Minister Hotovely - four booklets in basic colors, offering Israel Basics.

Each booklet deals with another core issue relating to the 100-year conflict with the Arabs, and deals with the main topics the issue involves. One of the booklets describes the "settlements," and another describes "the miracle of Israel." A third book describes Israel's quest for peace, and a fourth details terror activity over the past century.

Hotovely will speak at Princeton University, Columbia University, and New York University.

She will also meet with pro-Israel activists in order to hear about their problems and the challenges they face in the struggle for Israel on campus.

"It's important for me to let Israel's activists know that Israel is behind them," she said. "It's important to furnish them with official content about the questions they face on campuses. My goal is to hear from them and learn what we can do to help."

"The university campuses are one of the most difficult and important arenas. I come as a representative of the government and a representative of the ruling party. Our journey will begin the hard work of changing the trend toward Israel on US campuses. Students who identify with Israel will not longer be afraid to say speak their minds."

During her visit, Hotovely will participate in the Israeli American National Council's conference in Washington, and meet with representatives of New York's Jewish community.