Letter to Prime Minister: We must prevent the next attack

After losing father and two siblings in Neve Tzuf attack, Racheli (Salomon) Manzali addresses Prime Minister Netanyahu in a moving letter.

Mordechai Sones ,

Salomon home in Neve Tzuf
Salomon home in Neve Tzuf
Yechezkel Itkin

Racheli (Salomon) Manzali, who lost her father Yosef, her sister Chaya, and her brother Elad in a terror attack in the Salomon home in Neve Tzuf (Halamish) this July, wrote a personal letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, about the lack of funding for Yeshan security components and paving bypass roads.

Full letter:

The Honorable
Prime Minister of Israel
Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu

Three months have passed since the terrible attack that took my father Yosef, my sister Chaya, and my brother Elad. These have been very trying times for myself and my family.

It was very difficult for me to hear recent calls to "carry on the struggle" on behalf bereaved families, and demands by Yesha Council [Judea and Samaria Council] heads for increased security in our communities. I find it difficult to understand how [you, Mr. Prime Minister,] the leader of the national camp does not ensure the basic security needs of communities and roadways in Judea and Samaria.

Why does one need to go out and struggle for something that I am sure is as important to you as any of us? Why should bereaved families have to demand basic security needs to prevent more attacks? We were told by security sources that had security components already approved prior to the attack been installed at Neve Tzuf, the attack could have been prevented.

We must prevent the next attack.

At the same time that the Supreme Court again orders the demolition of Jewish homes, ignoring the families living there, that we, the Salomon family, are fighting the Supreme Court to permit the demolition of the despicable terrorist's entire house, a house still standing, despite the fact that it's clear to every thinking person that there is no reason for the terrorist and his family members who knew and did not prevent his attack to have a roof over their heads.

Now more than ever, the leader of the Israeli right should sit with community leaders in Judea and Samaria and come to an agreement to carry out whatever is possible [for our security] without unnecessary and harmful strife.