The silent Arab takeover of the Jordan Valley

PA attempting to consolidate control over Jordan Valley by encouraging establishment of illegal outposts in Area C - backed by foreign aid.

Tal Polon ,

Jordan Valley
Jordan Valley
Flash 90

The PA is making efforts at a silent takeover of large areas of the Jordan Valley by establishing illegal outposts with foreign aid. The Jordan Valley is part of Area C of Judea and Samaria, designated as governed by Israel in the Oslo Accords, while Areas A and B, with 96% of the Arab population, are under the aegis of the Palestinian Authority.

0404 reported according to the Regavim organization, which takes legal action against illegal Arab building across Israel, that the PA, in an attempt to extend its control over the region, has recently been funding the establishment of outposts in the Jordan Valley in Area C - the region under full Israeli control.

The method of operation apparently follows the model of previous efforts by the PA in the area of Maale Adumim, where hundreds of illegal structures were established in contravention of the Oslo Accords with the help of the EU and other foreign bodies under the guise of “humanitarian aid.” After legal action was taken by Regavim against those structures, however, further illegal expansion in the area was frozen, even as the existing structures remain in place during legal proceedings.

Subsequently, the PA has switched the focus of its expansion efforts to the Jordan Valley region.

According to Regavim coordinator for the Judea and Samaria region Yishai Chemo, “In the past two years, dozens of structures have been established by this method - part of a wider strategic phenomenon.”

Chemo elaborated that the PA was “effectively transplanting populations from the nearby towns of Tammun and Tubas, while providing economic support including structures and equipment, along with legal aid including petitions and the like, in order to entrench its hold on strategic points and establish ‘facts on the ground.’”

In recent days, Regavim located a new illegal outpost along the central road, Route 578, near Israeli communities and the “Peles” IDF base.

The new outpost included a large fenced-off area with a residential structure and nearby solar panels - a clear indicator of economic assistance from foreign bodies.

“This time, we succeeded in catching the new outpost hours after the takeover,” Chemo said. “Of course, we demand that the Civil Administration immediately employ methods of oversight and enforcement against the illegal construction and its offenders, but more importantly, we expect the Defense Minister to establish clear policy that will provide a broad response to this phenomenon - before it’s too late.”