Bride blocked by anti-draft protests walks to her own wedding

Traffic jams caused by anti-draft protests at the entrance to J'lem force bride to walk the rest of the way to her own wedding.

Michal Levy,

Wedding flowers and shoes
Wedding flowers and shoes

Amidst protests by members of the Yerushalmi Faction yesterday at the entrance to Jerusalem which led to massive traffic jams, one bride found herself forced to walk to her own wedding so as not to be further detained in traffic.

“The family was really aggravated,” a member of the family, belonging to the Lithuanian stream of haredim, told Arutz Sheva. “Not only was the bride forced to go by foot for some time, but the parents of the groom had to leave their car at a certain point and go by foot so as not to be late.”

“In the end, the photographer of the event had to wait for the family for over an hour, and the wedding ceremony itself was also delayed,” he added.

Last night, extremists of the Yerushalmi Faction demonstrated against the arrests of yeshiva students who failed to show up at army enlistment offices to receive deferments. Demonstrators marched from the Binyanei Ha’uma complex towards the Knesset, where they continued to the chord bridge, blocking the entrance to Jerusalem for some two hours.

Police arrested 11 demonstrators who violated public order and prevented the passage of vehicles.

Several extremists threw rocks at a border police vehicle. Nobody was injured, but damage was caused to the window of the vehicle. Police identified a number of persons who threw the rocks and fled the scene.