'Supreme Court must learn self-restraint'

Coalition chairman furious at use of state witnesses in interrogations; says Supreme Court must be restrained.

Mordechai Sones,

David Bitan
David Bitan
Flash 90

Coalition chairman MK David Bitan (Likud) is calling to restrain the Supreme Court, following a string of judicial interventions in government policy.

"I think the Supreme Court intervenes too much ... There are issues in which the Court should say, 'Gentlemen, we reject this suit out of hand.' The Supreme Court justices have to set limits for themselves; I expect them to say 'We don't handle every issue'."

Bitan also criticized police investigative methods, slamming the department for its overuse of state witnesses.

"I think that the use of state witnesses in interrogations is scandalous. Once, state witnesses were used in cases connected to organized crime, but today they are very quick to take state witnesses instead of conducting a real investigation, investing resources, and carrying out the work in a thorough and in-depth manner. The police's hand is too quick on the trigger in this area."

Bitan added that he expects to receive a cabinet position in the near future, as he was promised by the Prime Minister. "I had a conversation with the Prime Minister, and he told me that by the end of his term I will be a minister, because there will be more changes, and no, I do not know which minister I will be; I did not go into details with him. Why is not it right now? Because the Prime Minister tells me he doesn't have a substitute for my position at the moment."

As for the survival of the coalition, he said, "I think we'll hold out until the elections scheduled for November 2019. Because I see a very strong coalition, we'll get through the winter session peacefully unless there is some dramatic development."

When asked why his style is more extroverted than others, he said, "I draw fire because I say things as they are, I say everything I think should be said directly, without hypocrisy. Today it's all one big hypocrisy. Everyone says what they think people want to hear, and I say what needs to be said."