Swastika and 'Death to Jews' scrawled in Jerusalem's Old City

Police open investigation into anti-Semitic writings found last night in Muslim Quarter. Writing included support for 'Hamas.'

Tal Polon ,

Swastikas (file)
Swastikas (file)
Flash 90

Police have opened an investigation today, Sunday, into anti-Semitic writing that was found last night in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, Channel 10 reported.

According to the report, the writing was in Hebrew and Arabic. It included the phrase “Death to the Jews” and the word “Hamas,” as well as a swastika.

Jerusalem municipal employees erased the writing, the report said.

Several weeks ago, swastikas, PLO flags, and the phrase “I love you Palestine” were found scrawled in permanent marker on the chalkboard and tablecloth of the teacher’s desk at a religious public school in Jerusalem.

Police implicated three Arab employees of the school's cleaning and maintenance company in the acts, after the three were questioned by investigators.