Watch new rendition of 'Shabbat Hayom'

Yair Peled single juxtaposes new melody for the famous song about Shabbat with modern animation.

Tzvi Lev,

From the clip 'Shabbat Hayom'
From the clip 'Shabbat Hayom'
Yair Peled

"If I only had the strength, I would go out to the market, I would stand and declare to all, that today is Shabbat. Yes, today is Shabbat, for Hashem."

The late Rabbi Yehoshua Yagel, legendary head of the Midrashiat Noam yeshiva high school in Pardes Hana, would walk around singing the song "Shabbat Hayom" at the end of the Kabbalat Shabbat Friday night prayers, mezmerizing students with his devotion. Yair Peleg pays tribute to the charismatic and G-d fearing mentor in his own rendition of the song written by the "Admor Hachalutz".

Rabbi Yeshayahu Shapiro, known as the "Admor Hachalutz (Pioneering Hasidic Rabbi, ed.)" was an ardent Zionist and wrote the well-known words to Shabbat Hayom, sung in both Yiddish and Hebrew, and popular in yeshiva and religious circles the world over. The Admor visited the Holy Land secretly in 1914, met and admired Rabbi Avraham Kook, founder of Religious Zionism and British-appointed first Chief Rabbi of Israel. and upon his return to Europe tried to convince European hasidim to move to the land. In 1920, he himself made aliya and helped found the Hapoel HaMizrachi Religious Zionist Organization.