Woman drowns at Netanya beach

Body recovered from Mediterranean after woman drowning; paramedics forced to declare death at the scene.

David Rosenberg ,

At the beach (file).
At the beach (file).
Flash 90

A woman roughly 40 years of age drowned at a Netanya beach Friday morning.

The woman’s body was pulled from the water south of Netanya’s Argaman beach.

MDA emergency medical first responders were dispatched to the scene.

Paramedics say the woman was unconscious and had no vital signs. After examining the body, MDA first responders were forced to declare the woman dead at the scene.

“We were [already] at the beach in case of a medical emergency during a sporting event when we received a report from MDA’s emergency 101 hotline about a woman who was pulled from the water [and was now] lying unconscious on the beach,” said MDA first responder David Shusman.

“We performed a number of medical checks, but she had no vital signs and after a short time we were forced to declare her death.”