'It will take a long time to fix the Obama damage'

Caroline Glick says Trump is changing the discourse on Iran, but it will take time to change the Obama policy which was dictated by fantasy.

Yoni Kempinski,

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

Caroline Glick, senior contributing editor of the Jerusalem Post, attended the Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem Monday.

The four-day summit brings together a select group of top Christian media broadcasters, publishers, journalists, and communicators from around the world for discussion and study on topics related to Israel and the Christian world.

The Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, together with the Government Press Office (GPO), helped organize the event.

The central issue that Israel needs to get across, Glick told Arutz Sheva, “is that it's not about us. A lot of people put Israel at the center of everything and say that Israel's size is somehow or another dictating the feelings of hundreds of millions of people in the Muslim world against the West and against one another.”

“What we see with Iran, what we see with the so-called 'Arab Spring', and really what we see all over the world is that, if anything, Israel and anti-Semitism is a mobilizing force politically for people to side with the jihadists and really for the West itself to ignore the threat of jihad because they're motivated to do so by anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist rhetoric,” added Glick.

It is important for Israel to ensure that everybody recognizes that “Israel is not a cause of anything,” she stressed.

Asked if she believes Israel's relationship with the United States has changed under President Donald Trump, Glick replied, “I think that Trump has a completely different worldview than his predecessor, Barack Obama, but the United States is a magnificent yet enormous aircraft carrier, and it takes a long time in order to change the direction of that very massive shift.”

She opined that Trump is “forcing that directional change” with his speech last week in which he said he would not recertify the Iran nuclear deal.

“It's true that Israel has to be able, as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu says all the time, to defend itself by itself, whenever necessary,” continued Glick. “We have to make sure that our sovereignty is respected – not guaranteed but respected – by our allies such as the United States and I think that it's also important to recognize that Trump's speech on Friday was really the first time that you had a reality-based statement by an American president on Iran in eight years, since Obama sided with the Iranian regime against the Green Revolution in 2009.”

“For almost nine years, American policy on Iran has been entirely dictated by fantasy...It takes a long time to repair that kind of long-term damage,” she stressed.