31 new homes approved for Hevron Jewish community

First new Israeli housing project in Hevron in decades approved.

Hezki Baruch ,


The Defense Ministry’s Civil Administration issued 31 building permits Monday for a planned housing project in the Jewish community of Hevron, the first permits for new Israeli construction in the ancient city in decades.

The Civil Administration’s licensing subcommittee issued the permits for a planned neighborhood dubbed the ‘Hezekiah quarter’ of Hevron.

Despite the issuing of the permits, the new housing project still faces a number of hurdles before construction may begin.

Last week, the Palestinian Authority municipality of Hevron declared it would petition the Supreme Court against the housing project, claiming that it has full authority over all construction projects and land allocation in the city. This despite a recent decision by the Defense Ministry to separate the Jewish community in Hevron from the municipality. A subsequent determination by the Justice Ministry found that the city’s claims over property owned by the community were null and void.

The Civil Administration is expected to issue additional permits over the next two days for hundreds of other housing units in Israeli towns across Judea and Samaria, including 296 in Beit El.