Watch: Kahlon marks 5 years since departure from Likud

Finance Minister releases video marking five years since he left the Likud to form Kulanu.

Tzvi Lev ,

Moshe Kahlon
Moshe Kahlon
Photo: Yonatan Sindel / Flash 90

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon released a video marking five years since he left the Likud to form his Kulanu faction.

Kahlon had abruptly resigned from his post of Minister of Communications and Social Affairs in 2012, saying at a farewell press conference that "I’m leaving the Knesset, not the Likud". Kahlon was extremely popular at the time, having been associated with drastically lowering prices in Israel's cell phone market due to advancing moves encouraging competition.

"It is five years since I left the Likud, after many years of being an MK and a minister," Kahlon began. "Three years ago, I decided along with my friends to form Kulanu, the only center-right party in Israel."

"We merited the public's trust, we got ten Knesset seats," Kahlon continued. "That number was higher than all of the predictions and polls. From that moment on, we have been fighting social injustices and reducing social gaps among Israeli citizens."

Kahlon went on to list the various moves his Kulanu party has advanced, such as offering subsidized after-school programs, raising the monthly salaries for IDF soldiers, and his new plan assisting working middle-class families.

Kahlon invoked his program raffling off cheaper apartments to first-time home buyers. "If not for Kulanu, you wouldn't have heard about those who saved hundreds of thousands when buying apartments, and to tell the truth, didn't even hope to buy an apartment."

"We will continue working for you, Israeli citizens" Kahlon concluded.