'Sukkot is about bringing people together'

President visits Chief Rabbi's Sukkah, joining relatives of those murdered in Neve Tzuf terror attack.

Hezki Baruch ,

President and Chief Rabbi with Salomon family in Sukkah
President and Chief Rabbi with Salomon family in Sukkah
Spokesperson for Chief Rabbi

President of the State of Israel Reuven Rivlin visited this morning, Tuesday, the Sukkah of the Chief Rabbi of Israel and President of the Chief Rabbinical Council, Rabbi David Lau.

The chief rabbi's Sukkah, at the request of the Chief Rabbi, also hosted the Salomon family, three of whom were murdered in the recent terror attack in Neve Tzuf (Halamish).

Rabbi Lau told the president, "We are privileged to be with the Salomon family in the Sukkah, the heroic mother, who has no idea with what forces she saved her children, and the precious and heroic children. May Hashem give them the strength for happy life, and all of us with them, and we will never forget them because the nation of Israel is one great, united, nation.”

He added that “"This family is the proof of the verse, 'You have turned my eulogies into a dance for me.' A family that has lost the most precious of all, but continues to hold itself up and gather strength, as is the tradition of the nation of Israel."

The president was moved by the meeting with the Salomon family. He said that "Sukkot is a festival that brings the entire Jewish people closer together and there is nothing more exciting than to celebrate the holiday together in the Sukkah of the Chief Rabbi, who devotes his life to the love of others and to connecting Israel with its heritage."

The rabbi and the president spoke about unifying all the layers and the people, and noted that many of the Sukkot in the world have pictures of the Western Wall and Jerusalem.

"Sukkot is a festival of bringing people together, and we have to start talking with each other and not about each other. This is the message here, and the message of Sukkot, when everyone goes out sits together," the two said.