Neve Tzuf massacre:
Heads roll after IDF investigation of Neve Tzuf massacre

Series of procedural failures allowed terrorist to enter Salomon family home; Deputy security officer and gate guard dismissed.

Mordechai Sones,

Scene of massacre in Neve Tzuf
Scene of massacre in Neve Tzuf
Hadas Parush/Flash 90

The IDF has completed its operational investigation into the stabbing murders in the village of Halamish-Neve Tzuf, in which three members of the Salomon family were massacred by an Arab who infiltrated the community.

According to the operational debriefing, there were a number of failures that allowed the terrorist to infiltrate Neve Tzuf: Failure to carry out the army's ongoing instructions, failure to implement instructions on the part of the civilian security establishment, and delay in installing added technological security components in the village as had been planned..

Following the investigation, the regional defense commander of the Binyamin Brigade received an official note from the Brigade commander regarding the failure to comply with procedures. In addition, the area's company commander was reprimanded by the Kfir Brigade commander for failing to implement mandatory orders to protect the village.

In addition, the commander of the military patrol protecting the village and its surroundings was confined to base for 21 days by the Kfir Brigade commander because he did not comply with obligatory standard procedures during his patrol. The village's civilian security officer was reprimanded by the brigade commander for leaving the community without reporting it to the company and non-compliance with procedures.

The deputy civilian security officer and the gate guard were removed from duty due to lack of professionalism and failure to comply with obligatory procedures. The vehicular patrol operating in the village at the time of the incident received a note of reprimand about its performance.

Following the conclusions from the debriefing, procedures for the protection of Judea and Samaria communities were honed and intensified. It was decided to carry out a training course for all the senior and deputy civilian security officers in the sector, to strengthen the control mechanisms for civilian security personnel, and to promote the installation of additional security components in Neve Tzuf itself.

The investigation indicated that the actions of the Oketz unit fighter, St.-Sgt. A., who neutralized the terrorist, and his father Shimon, are worthy of praise. For this reason, St.-Sgt. A. received a medal from the division commander, and his father received a certificate of appreciation. "The IDF forces will continue to act as they do throughout the year to prevent terror and to protect the residents of the sector and the residents of Israel," the IDF spokesman stressed.