Watch: Security guards attacked at Ichilov hospital

Five people attack security guards at Tel Aviv hospital after family member with violent history attempts to steal phone from nurse.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

security guards attacked
security guards attacked
Ichilov hospital

Three security guards at Ichilov Hospital were attacked by five people early Thursday morning. The guards suffered light to mild injuries.

The hospital said that "this is a very serious incident that began at 3:00 in the morning when a patient known to the hospital staff - and who in the past had along with her family threatened doctors, nurses and hospital management and been removed by the security staff - attempted to steal a phone from the emergency room nurse. A security guard immediately rushed to help the nurse and separated her from the patient."

"He then stopped at the entrance to the vehicle, and the five suspects jumped out. One of them was apparently armed wit a pistol, and they started beating the security guards. At the end, they jumped back into the car and fled," the hospital added.

The hospital gave the information to the Israel Police, which in recent hours has been hunting for the perpetrators. Two of them have already been arrested, and police are continuing to search for other three suspects.

Prof. Roni Gamzu, director of the medical center, said: "This is a very serious incident with a pattern of action from the criminal world that reflects the helplessness of the system against criminals who act violently against medical personnel. In this case the bodyguards protected the medical staff from harm. According to my decision today, a policeman will be stationed 24/7 in the emergency room, and I expect this soon to be the case in all hospitals."

"I call upon the Public Security Minister to increase his involvement in the matter, the police commissioner to take measures at the national level, and the Tel Aviv police not to let go until the criminals are arrested and prosecuted. And I especially expect the judicial system to know how to decide on severe punishment that will eventually serve as deterrence against anyone who attacks doctors, nurses and health workers."