Will Jordan waive demand to place Israeli guard on trial?

Jordanian media claims King Abdullah prepared to waive demand that Israeli security guard who shot two after being stabbed be indicted.

Nitzan Keidar ,

King Abdullah II of Jordan
King Abdullah II of Jordan

Jordan's King Abdullah has exhibited a tough stance regarding the investigation of the Israeli security official who killed two Jordanians in self-defense after being stabbed. Will the king remove his insistence on placing the security guard on trial?

The Jordanian news site Al-Durar and other media outlets report from senior sources in the Jordanian palace that the king will accept the results of the Israeli investigation of the security guard - whether or not an indictment is issued.

At present Jordan, is unwilling to allow the return of Israel's diplomatic delegation to Amman until the end of the investigation. Previously it had even demanded that Israel apologize for the incident but this demand has since been retracted. However, the king and other Jordanian officials have insisted that the investigation be completed before the Israeli diplomats return.

Two months ago, the Israeli prosecution ordered the head of police investigations, Maj. General Meni Yitzhaki, to investigate the Jordanian incident in which the security guard shot dead two Jordanian civilians after he was attacked by one of them.

The prosecution stated that the police investigation would be coordinated with the state prosecutor and if necessary the state would ask Jordan to transfer additional materials in the matter.

Last week the Jordanian king told leaders of Jewish organizations whom he met in New York during the UN General Assembly that he wishes to end the affair as soon as possible. He said that in his opinion the Israeli investigation was not conducted seriously, but he awaits its conclusions and based on the conclusions he will consider returning the Israeli delegation to Amman.