Watch: Radical leftist sabotages UC Berkeley press conference

UC Berkeley conservative student group cancels most of 'Free Speech Week' at the last minute. Who is pulling the strings? Radical feminists.

Gil Ronen ,

UC Berkeley campus
UC Berkeley campus

Most of the events planned this week at UC Berkeley by conservative students for “Free Speech Week” have been cancelled at the last minute.

The conservative student group Berkeley Patriot, which organized the event, which was to take place for four days starting today, Sunday, backed out Saturday, and said that they would make do with a protest march to be held today.

According to the group, the university intentionally created bureaucratic obstacles for the event, did not respond to emails, set impossible deadlines, allowed radical leftist groups to incite against the organizers in classrooms, and even condoned physical attacks against right-wing students.

In addition, the university threatened legal action against the organizers over certain chalk writings on the outskirts of the campus and flyers distributed ahead of the event. According to the student group, the university had claimed the writings were “hate speech.”

The group filed a complaint with the US Justice Department against the university, asserting that the university had violated its legal right to freedom of expression and equality under the law.

University spokesman Dan Mogulof claimed at a press conference that the university had received payment for use of one of its lecture halls, and that the event organizers had returned the money after announcing the cancellation of the event. He claimed that the university had no clue as to why the decision was made to cancel, and said that he was surprised to hear of the cancellation.

Berkeley Patriot, on the other hand, is now threatening to sue the university for damage caused to it as a result of the university’s conduct.

A glimpse of what is happening behind the scenes at Berkeley can be discerned from the way in which a Maoist-communist named Sunsara Taylor commandeers Mogulof’s press conference. Mogulof - and campus police sitting next to him - did not even try to silence Taylor, and certainly did not distance or arrest her. At a certain point, they simply fled the room.

Aside from communism, Taylor is associated with radical feminism. She is active in the organization Stop Patriarchy, and has organized efforts for freedom to have an abortion. Documentation of the press conference illustrates the extent to which campuses in the United States are in the hands of communists and other neo-Marxists - at the forefront of which are radical feminists, which the public can not usually identify as a leftist movement.

Taylor accused Trump of using Hitlerian tactics, and expressed rage that he had threatened to destroy North Korea.

The first video shows Taylor sabotaging the press conference, while the second video shows her saying that Trump is “more dangerous than Hitler ever could have been.”