Will the Palestinian Authority be able to arrest IDF officers?

Israeli, US, diplomats push for Interpol to delay vote, reject PA request for membership.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Diplomatic efforts are being made to prevent the Palestinian Authority from joining Interpol (International Police Organization).

The main concern is that such approval would improve the PA's international standing, and cause direct harm to Israel.

Such a step would also allow the PA to procure arrest warrants for IDF officers and Israeli politicians.

Both the US and Israel are working to prevent the PA from joining Interpol, but Israel is concerned that the joint US-Israel efforts will not be enough. Israeli sources said efforts are currently concentrated on delaying the vote; if this does not succeed, Israel will face a difficult battle.

Earlier this month, the United Nations World Tourism Organization delayed by two years the decision on whether to accept the PA as a full-fledged member.