Selichot prayers closest to Temple Mount

Thousand of Jews in monthly procession around Temple Mount gates.

Mordechai Sones ,

Precession round the Gates Rosh HaShana eve
Precession round the Gates Rosh HaShana eve
Ariel Zeligman

Close to 1,000 Jews, men and women, participated this week in a procession around the Temple Mount's gates in Jerusalem in advance of the Jewish New Year..

Especially prominent was the presence of Shomron Yeshiva students along with those from other educational institutions such as the Machon Lev's yeshiva high school, who have established a monthly tradition to arrive before each New Month for a round of the gates, corresponding with the opening of the school year and in preparation for the High Holidays.

"The connection to the Temple is the best opening for the new year," said one of the teachers.

Participants were diverse and included those wishing to prepare for Rosh Hashanah in the holiest place in the world. During the tour of the gates the Rosh Hashanah atmosphere was especially palpable, including piyyutim from the Selichot prayers of Ashkenazim and Sephardim.

A special motif that accompanied the procession around the gates on Rosh Hashanah eve was blowing the trumpets, as they were once blown in the Holy Temple on Rosh Hashanah , with trumpets and shofars.

The organization El Har Hamor which organizes the procession, said: "On Rosh Hashanah we coronate G-d as King; the place of G-d's kingdom is the Temple, and we have been blessed to walk around the gates of the Temple Mount with the people of the Temple Mount, [symbolizing] the appearance of the kingdom of G-d in the complete Redemption."