Muhammad most popular baby name in Israel

Population and Immigration Authority releases most popular names chosen for babies born in Israel.

Tzvi Lev ,

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The Population and Immigration Authority released on Sunday the most popular names chosen for babies born in Israel over the past Jewish year of 5777. The list includes both Jewish and non-Jewish names.

Muhammad was the most popular male name, followed by Yosef/Yussuf, David, Daniel, Udi, Omer, Eitan, Ariel, Noam, and Adam. The most popular names given to Jewish male infants were Uri, David, Ariel, Noam, Eitan, Yosef, Daniel, Yonatan, and Lavi.

The most popular female name was Tamar, followed by Adel, Miriam, Avigail, Noa, Shira, Talia, Yael, and Leah. The most popular names given female infants in the Jewish sector were Tamar, Avigail, Adel, Noam, Shira, Taliah, Yael, Shira, Leah, and Esther.

Overall, 166,450 babies were born in 2017, down from 176,230 in 2016, while 42,172 Israelis passed away.

The report said that 23,770 Jews moved to Israel, while 2,431 Israelis emigrated to a foreign country.

In addition, 62,821 Israelis married this past year, down from last year's 75,848, and 22,644 divorced, slightly down from the 23,419 who divorced in 2016.