Homeless: Haredi family evicted over father's IDF service

Haredi family in Jerusalem thrown out of their home days before Rosh Hashanah after landlord discovers the father served in the IDF.

David Rosenberg,

Haredi soldier in Jerusalem
Haredi soldier in Jerusalem

A haredi family in the capital is searching for a new home after they were evicted this week over the father’s recent service in the IDF, in the backlash over the Supreme Court's decision to cancel legislation on haredi yeshiva draft deferments.

In recent years, a growing number of haredi soldiers have suffered harassment and abuse at the hands of anti-draft radicals within the religious community.

In some cases, radicals have targeted the homes of haredi soldiers and their families, vandalizing their front doors or other property.

This week, however, one haredi family was singled out for even harsher treatment, when their landlord evicted them after learning that the father of the family had recently served in the IDF.

According to a report by Kan, the father of the family in question was recently discharged from the IDF.

Prior to his release from the army, the father was attacked by anti-draft radicals – an attack which was recorded and later publicized. After the identity of the soldier who had been attacked was revealed, the now former IDF soldier’s landlord demanded the family leave the apartment.

“The landlord said ‘In a few days I’m going to bring some guys and remove you from the house’,” the former IDF soldier told Kan. “And that’s just what happened.”

Early Sunday morning, the father continued, the landlord came to the apartment and forced the family out.

“Overnight between Saturday and Sunday [the landlord] opened the front door and came in. I tried to stop him.”

Since then, the family has been homeless, relying on friends for help after being turned down by relatives.

“We’ve been on the streets for five days already, almost a week, and Rosh Hashanah is coming up. What will we do? I have no options, I need someone to give me a hand and pull me up.”

Social activist and veteran of the Netzah Yehuda Battalion (Nahal Haredi) Meir Liush has taken up the family's case and is working to find temporary housing for them ahead of the holidays.