Rosh Hashana in Jerusalem? Take it easy! Here’s how...

Ease your holiday eve burdens with food, attractions, shopping, and cherry picking all in Jerusalem's historic 'First Station' promenade!

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Jerusalem's 'First Station' promenade
Jerusalem's 'First Station' promenade

In Jerusalem for Rosh Hashana? Are you a native, or just visiting? Sure, there are a ton of bases to cover, and you’re probably looking for some ways to relax and enjoy the environment ahead of the important day. Let’s cover some logistical and spiritual tips that will make your life easier.

1) Keep the kids busy:

We know how it is. One parent at home, the other outside with the kids. What’s open on Erev Rosh Hashana? The First Station promenade (known locally as the Tachana Rishona) has food, attractions, and shopping for the whole family. Entrance is free. If you can drive a bit, there is cherry picking at nearby Kibbutz Ramat Rachel… fun and yum!

2) Cut corners with food (Seriously, do it):

You’re spending the whole day in synagogue. Don’t run into prayers restless because you spent the whole day cooking and cleaning. Get cheap help instead. Personal caterers can have all your needs met. (Psst! Tell them Artuz Sheva sent you and they’ll hook up a discount.)

Bubby’s Hungarian apple strudel has been in the family for 150 years, but it also takes that long to make. Arg! Look up easier recipes by trying this instead:

3) Make a resolution that you can keep:

New year, same result: Rosh Hashana is so monumental and inspiring. You think to yourself, “This year will be different.” That might be true, but when it comes to improving your Divine service, your health, or your relationships the rule is "less is more." Why? Because you’ll actually do "less" as opposed to starting off strong with a flamboyant resolution and finding yourself on your third slice of mousse cake by the second day of the holiday. In the end, doing less really is more.

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