Moshe Friedman brings hi-tech to the ultra-Orthodox

Allison Josephs hosts Moshe Friedman, co-founder of Kamatech - a program that trains charedim to join the tech workforce.

Allison Josephs ,

Moshe Friedman, CEO of Kamatech
Moshe Friedman, CEO of Kamatech
Courtesy of Shir Stein

Moshe Friedman lives in Bnei Brak, Israel. Moshe is haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) coming from a famous rabbinical family. He studied in the most prestigious institutions of the haredi community Yeshivat Hebron, Jerusalem & Kollel Hazon Ish Bnei Brak for more than 15 years.

At the age of 30 Moshe started a startup company and later became a social entrepreneur, who was enthusiastic about bringing more Haredi men into the Israeli workforce specially the hi-tech industry. He started two major social initiatives like KamaTech which is a coalition of 30 big hi-tech companies (i.e. Cisco, Google, Intel, IBM, etc.) to help Haredis integrate into the hi-tech industry and TicTech, an initiative of hi-tech courses and trainings for Haredis in cooperation with the U.S embassy in Israel.

Moshe also studyiedg law in the Hebrew university and selected to be a part of "Shluchi Tzibur", a joint leadership program by the Mandel Leadership Institute and the Hebrew University for young haredi emerging leaders.