'Full of sadness and joy'

Daughter of terror victim marries. 'There is so much joy, but I feel that my father has not been with me through this entire process.'

Uzi Baruch,

wedding tonight
wedding tonight
picture used with permission of family

Orit Mark, the daughter of Michael "Micki" Mark, who was murdered in a terrorist attack last years, married Daniel Ettinger Wednesday night.

Orit, 19, was walked down the aisle by her mother Chavi, who was wounded in the same attack in which Michael was killed.

Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, a cousin of Rabbi Michael Mark, said, "My hands and feet tremble here more than anywhere else, and when Daniel and Orit danced along the way to the wedding canopy, I felt that Daniel and Michael were standing on our right."

Rabbi Mark, the head of the yeshiva in the town of Otniel, was driving with his family when terrorists opened fire at his car. His wife and two of his children were wounded, while Mark himself was murdered.

Orit wrote on her Facebook page, "The evening before the exciting day of my life, the evening before the moment when I marry my beloved. It is a change in status, a change in norms, and the beginning of a new chapter in life. This night is so emotional! It is full of sadness and joy. Everything is very mixed ... Everyone is thrilled here, and my stomach is full of butterflies ... and again I am faced with the thought that my father will not accompany me along with my mother to the wedding canopy. I have had all of that feeling that my father was not with me through this entire process."

"Again up and again down. Again tears and again smiles. It won't be an ordinary day. It will be a day full of light ... a day in which two souls finally unite. I feel more powerful than ever thanks to my marriage to Daniel. Exactly seven years ago, there was the attack in the neighboring settlement of Beit Haggai where Avishai and the Ames couple were murdered. This is a day of memorial for four very special people, who are sitting next to dad and shaking hands and congratulating him on my wedding ... and at the same time, their aching children are crying over their graves.

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"So it's clear that Daddy will be with us at the wedding. It will be hard without that radiant smile, those sparkling eyes, without the hug, the light, the loving look. It will all be missing!

"There are some who say that Facebook friends are worthless, but in my opinion, during the year I share a lot, the pain, the joy, the sorrow, and the love. And now is the time to say a huge thank you ... to all the people who not only responded to very happy things. These people really helped me and gave endlessly, anything I needed ... You give me strength.

Orit invited the people of Israel to her Sheva Brachot celebratrion this Sunday in Jerusalem: "Dear good and precious people, I unfortunately cannot really invite everyone to a wedding, so come and be happy with me .. But I do invite you all .. Thank you to everyone who helped me at this wedding, All the loved ones around me, the supporters, the embraces, the happy ones, who contribute without end of hours and work .. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Daniel Ettinger, I am waiting to see you. And I am also waiting to see you, my dear father."