Jerusalem Arab arrested for raping American tourist

American woman in her 20s volunteering in Bethlehem says suspect violently raped her.

David Rosenberg ,

Basel Awidat/Flash 90

An Arab man from eastern Jerusalem was arrested in connection with the violent rape of an American tourist living in Israel, police revealed on Tuesday.

Police say the suspect, a man in his 20s originally from the capital, has been residing in the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Bethlehem, where he met the victim.

A complaint was filed by the victim, an American citizen in her 20s staying in Israel on a tourist visa, who told authorities the suspect physically assaulted and raped her in her room.

The victim is a volunteer at an orphanage in Bethlehem. According to the police report, the rape took place on the premises of the orphanage. The suspect reportedly snuck into the victim’s room, locked the door behind him, and violently raped her.

After the assault, the young woman was evacuated to a local hospital for treatment.

On Tuesday, the suspect was brought before a Jerusalem court, which extended his arrest through Thursday.