'I screamed hysterically that they were trying to kill us'

Victim of Arab lynch mob recounts horror as mob attacks car with children inside, smashing windows with clubs and stones.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Arab lynching scene (illustration)
Arab lynching scene (illustration)
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Dvora Miller was traveling on Saturday night with her husband Avi and three daughters through the a-Tur neighborhood of eastern Jerusalem when her family was attacked by dozens of Arabs carrying clubs and hurling stones at Jewish cars.

In an interview with Channel 10's Avi Reshef, Miller said: "In a fraction of a second, I saw a guy looking through the right window, looking at me. Our eyes met for a few seconds and I just saw murder in his eyes."

"A second later I heard a huge boom that shook the car and thousands of pieces of glass shattered around me. That's how the mess began, and I understood that we were in danger," she said.

"The girls jumped on me and started screaming. There were huge booms all around us. They were hitting our car with clubs and blocks," Miller said.

Her husband, the singer Avi Miller, got out of the car and took out his pistol. He fired the weapon into the air to chase the rioters away.

"I was totally hysterical. The girls were screaming at me. I tried to call the police. I screamed hysterically that they were trying to kill us and lynch us," she recalled.

"A minute later I heard cars and I saw a lot of soldiers running toward us, telling the girls not to worry and they were guarding us. There was a huge mess, with shouting and shooting. From there we were taken to the police station, where I took dozens of pieces of glass out of my children's hair," she said.